Club Sandwich Reinvented

15 min.15-20 min.4
  • Ingredients

  • See the Salmon and Crab Rillettes for a complete
    ingredient list
  • 12 slices of square sandwich loaf, white or multi-grain
  • 8 slices of pancetta or cooked bacon
  • 2 roasted and peeled red peppers or store-bought roasted red peppers
  • Few baby spinach or curly lettuce leaves
  •  Mayonnaise, to taste
  •  Dab of butter
  • Recipe by Josée Robitaille, Consulting Chef
Club Sandwich Reinvented
Chair et pattes de crabe
Crab Meat and Leg



1. Grill the bread slices. Butter the first slice and spread with the Salmon and Crab Rillettes.
2. Layer the pancetta slices and cover with a second slice of bread.
3. Spread with mayonnaise and layer with red pepper and baby spinach.
4. Butter a third slice of bread and use to top sandwich. Insert four toothpicks and cut into four.
5. Serve with french fries or a salad.

Tips and advices

Try replacing the Salmon and Crab Rillettes with duck confit for another variation on this sandwich!